Recording Spaces

main room :: 18’ by 21’ by 8.5’
Many groups can set up entirely in this space. I've had drums, bass, and two guitars going full blast in this room successfully on many occasions. Recording guide vocals with an eye towards replacing them later is best if the singer(s) needs to be in this room.
control room :: 13’ by 18’ by 8.5’
Couch for three and several chairs along with the unavoidable coffee-maker exist to aid those in planning, producing, and observation mode. Of course, this is also where I run the equipment.
isolation room :: 11’ by 15’
The most isolated and soundproofed room. Best for lead singers recording simultaneously with loud band in the main room. Sometimes good for loud guitar speaker cabinets, sax, acoustic guitar, violin, stand-up bass, etc. Artists sometimes found writing or sleeping in this room during mixing or overdub sessions.
isolation room :: 9’ by 12’
Bass amps tend to live here more than any other item, as they can still fire acoustically into the main room while being 'vibrationally' isolated from the main floor. Giant stereo guitar rigs and the odd violin, etc. have also lived here. Photos and floor plans will be forthcoming. Please write or call if you require further information.

Location Recording

EMRR began as a location recording service in 1993. I have produced many recordings at locations of the artists choosing, including rehearsal spaces, nightclubs, living rooms, churches, and complete concert tours. Please inquire if you think this might be the best option for your project.
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